Tips & Hints

Want to learn how to earn credits every time? Read on...

Log into your account, and go to the active offers page. Look for any offer you want to do. Read these tips carefully!

  • Use an email different from your personal email address you use regularly, so you wont get spammed from 3rd party websites when completing offers. Create one at Yahoo! or Gmail for instance. It's important to remember the password for the junk email you create because there might be offers that you fill out that will not credit points until you verify the email address you provided when filling out offers/surveys. I suggest having up to 2 or 3 junk emails to use for filling out offers.
  • Delete cookies from your browser after completing each and every offer! Find out how to do that here.
  • Don't use your real address or phone number when filling out offers, use a random address, but also a valid one.
  • If an offer does not credit immediately, don't get upset. Give it some time and your points will be added. BUT, not every offer will credit. That is a problem on the end of the server hosting the survey/offer.