Welcome to my website, on this website, I will give you all the links, help, tips, tricks, advice, and more to get you on your way to earning free rewards on Rewards1.

I will introduce you to the website, tell you all the tips and tricks and secrets so you can be on your way to getting easy points. I will also give you a step-by-step guide on how to set up your account, to earning the points, and to redeeming the points for rewards! Take a look around, and sign up, because i promise it will be worth your time.

What Rewards Can I Get?

  • Xbox Microsoft Points
  • iTunes Gift Cards
  • World of Warcraft Cards
  • Xbox Live Gold Cards
  • Wii Points Cards
  • Nexon Cash (UGC) Cards
  • Habbo Hotel Voucher
  • Ultimate Game Cards
  • Stardoll Cards
  • Acclaim Cards
  • IMVU Credits
  • PlayStation Network Cash Cards
  • PlayNC Time Cards
  • GPotato Game Cards
  • RuneScape Cards
  • Aeria Fun Cards
  • IJJI G Coins
  • GameCampus Cards

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Best of all, you can use your points or cash you earn to purchase anything you like from Amazon.com. If Rewards1 doesn't have an item listen for buying, you can request it, and within 3 days you will be able to purchase it with your points balance!